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Healing for GAIA

My Intention is always LOVE and healing.

I am Dana. I am the keeper of this sacred space.

I create a room for healing every Thursday at 8 p.m.

The circle is a safe space and of pure intentions only. I hold, balance en ground everybody within. I start with what is necessary for Gaia and the collective. If so needed also for the individual. I feel compelled to heal the earth. Magic happens for all of us!

If you want to join you are welcom!

We can rise up the energies and frequencies together. The more souls participate on the same time the higher the energies.

Unplug before entering and create a sacred space for yourself. Enter the circle on the day at the time given and follow the guidelines 1 to 3.

1 Sit or lay down comfortable. Feel your body. Take a few conscious breaths, calm down and tune in through intent. Enter the healing circle.
Say out loud: 'I (state your name) enter Dana's healing circle.’ Intend to send energy to the earth to heal her. Even if you don't know how this will work, you can do it, your intention counts!
Continue to breathe and let go. Stay for a while.

2 When you feel it is done take a deep breath in and out, move and feel your body and come back to the here and now of your current reality your own way. Find a way to say thank you and show your gratitude.

3 Drink some water or thee.

Hoe vaak je meedoet, is geheel aan jou.




Q and A

Falling in sleep:
No problem. When you wake up, concentrate on guidlines 2 en 3.
Trouble concentrating:
Let the thoughts come and go, and then go back to focus on your breath.
For how long I have to sit or lay down:
Time is relative and it is up to you. The circle can last from 5-20 minutes up to 1 hour or even longer. When it is done you will feel it.
You can't attend on the time given:
The more souls attend the same time the higher the energies. You can leave me a message that you can't attend and do it in your own time. Still follow up the guidelines and take in mind that you enter my circle.
Because I work with energies of the known and unknown, it is not necessary to enter my spaces to the timestamp I give you. The room is open and stays open. By sending me a message I wil take you into the circle when I am there, even if your time is different from my local time.
Any other questions or a comment? Please send me a message. I will answer as soon as possible but within 3 days.
If you enter the circle please leave me a message to let me know what you felt. Thank you.